SignSecure: Digital Documents made easy, secure, binding.

SignSecure is a game-changing digital solution that makes e-documents easy, secure, and legally enforceable in the Philippines.

Get the efficiency of digital workflows with the legitimacy of inked signatures, right here.

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With SignSecure, it’s easy to transition to digital documents
to increase your business efficiency in the new normal.

With SignSecure, you can:


Your forms, invoices, contracts, and major signed documents*


The identity of all signing partners using UNAWA's secure KYC process and E-Signature vault


With confidence that your SignSecure documents are legally binding

You can do all these with greater speed and efficiency, and with data protection mandated under Philippine laws.

*SignSecure can already be used for documents that DO NOT require notarization (given current regulations). Please click HERE for the list of documents requiring notarization and other notes.

But what about document notarization?

In August 2020, the Supreme Court of the Philippines published the 2020 Interim Rules on Remote Notarization of Paper Documents. This means you no longer have to actually go to a notary public's office just to have your document notarized!

UNAWA makes this EVEN EASIER by offering the SignSecure RNotary service! Click HERE to learn more.

Are you a notary public that wants to be part of our RNotary pool?


Digitize your transactions
with SignSecure.

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